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Skynet, was one of the first commercial ISPs in the UK originally specializing in dial up connections via local rate numbers at the dizzy speed of 56.6kbps!

In the mid 90's Skynet Merged with DNA Internet Services UK Ltd. In April 2009 the Business assets of Skynet were acquired by Nuco Technologies Ltd who trade as Host-it Internet Solutions.

Skynet and Nuco Technologies offered very similar services and were located within one kilometre of each other. They were also well known to each other going back to the early days of the commercial internet so the acquisition was a natural evolution.

Skynet had its own independent data centre but shortly after the acquisition this was decommissioned and all services were migrated to one of Host-it's own data centres.

Now that Skynet is part of Host-it Internet Solutions most of Hosting services are managed under their plans with the Skynet site now focusing on connectivity solutions.


Skynet's main goals are to provide connectivity solutions to our business-to-business clients and to assist our clients in achieving best practice in the Internet world.

We achieve our goals by responding to client needs, investing in new technologies and attacking the market head on!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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